Bittersweet Melodies

by Modern Children

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released January 14, 2017

Produced by Modern Children
Recorded and Mixed by Law Chun Him at Group Studio
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studio
All music and lyrics written by Modern Children

Lyrics of Hide and Seek, Cosmic Wonder, Mr.Q and Charlie
written byWinnie Lau
Lyrics of Quiet Place
written by Kokdamon Lam, Arthur Chung and Kenneth@Modern Children
Lyrics of Glacier
written by Arthur Chung and Kenneth@Modern Children

Bonus Tracks: Music and Lyrics of How Much Will We Remember written by the pancakes, arranged and produced by Modern Children, Map Dealers Original Version written and produced by Choi Sai Ho, Lyrics by Kenneth@Modern Children

Reborn, Glacier, Run Around The World, Charlie & Hide and Seek:
featuring vocal and instruments by Winnie Lau
Trumpet on Cosmic Wonder: Winnie Law
Choir on Reborn: Lylon Lai, Katie Fan, German Cheung, Sophine Wong and Joanne Lun
Strings: Julian Chan, Rex Chow, Wong Ho Lun, Mag Cheng, Becky Leung, Yuen Eugene Oscar
String Recording Engineer: OL Ho
Assistance recording engineer: Hannah Lin, Leo Chiu
Strings arrangement: Tsui Lung Wei@Modern Children, except Mr. Q by Winnie Lau
String Coordinator: Meiling Chan, Monique Hui
Photo and Design by Kenneth@Modern Children, band photo by Joanne Lun

Modern Children would like to thank:
All supporters from Musicbee, Musicbee, Law Chun Him@Group Studio, Choi Sai Ho,Jap Tak Hung, the pancakes, Terry Wong, Lorraine Leung@metropop, Rachel Mok@Bitetone, Jacky@903, Eric Leung@RTHK, Michael Tang, per se, Ck@Supper Moment, siuhungmo, GDJYB, Lil’ Ashes, Charles Sin, Amber Lo, Maggie Shum, The Creator and our families.

In memory of Jimmy Cheung 1984-2016
© All rights reserved


all rights reserved



Modern Children Hong Kong

Modern Children is an indie band based in Hong Kong

They play indie rock and post rock. Their positive music and passionate live performance brought them to Macau, Shanghai, Singapore and Japan. In 2011, they released their mobile App Album. ... more

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Track Name: Bittersweet Memories
Paperplane I can’t unfolded
The car trunk is fully loaded
Wanna go further, but I can’t
When there’s a sudden blackout

Nothing is according to this plan
Chase for the future, but we can’t
You’re the one who keeps us together
We’ve been looking back to good old days

Bittersweet memories
All those good times and the tears we shed
All those careless things we said

Bittersweet melodies
To love someone I care about
To miss someone I never meant to lose

Looking back to good old days
Looking back to good old days
Looking back to good old days
Looking back to good old days
Track Name: Cosmic Wonder
Have you ever wonder what’s going on
Ooo in this universe
Comet showers all night long
Ooo in this universe I’d like to traverse

Galaxy clusters what might go wrong
Ooo what else could be worse
Cosmic wonder what lies beyond
Ooo I’ve lost all my words to this universe

Moon is shining upon you
Night is silent anear you
Stars are hanging above you
Sun is burning inside you

Stardusts flying across you
Planets revolving around you
Space expanding before you
All that happens out there

My little star I wonder what you are
My brittle star I wonder how you are
Track Name: Hide and Seek
Join me tonight
Play a little game with you
Find me out there
Everywhere we go

Be brave have fun
Hide and seek whatever you do
Wonders of life
Little that we know

There would be times when we
Go round and round
Lost in circles dunno where to go

And then you will find
Light around the corner
Just hang on it will be alright

Be not afraid (and then you will see)
There I’m waiting for you
Just go on it’ll be alright
(That there will be light)
Track Name: Reborn
Tragedy, it happens
Sympathy, deep down in your soul
Reality? Yea… many boundaries
Identity, fades away

With no wisdom, your paths are crooked in the desert
With confession, you‘re far from wrong (it’s time to move on)

It’s time to Respond It’s time to Move on
It’s time to Evolve It’s time to Reborn

With no Wisdom, your paths are crooked in the desert
With no Vision, world makes you stumble down the road
With Devotion, you can gain much more (no regret at all)
With Confession, you‘re far from wrong, it’s time to move on

Find yourself, and your sensation
Fight back to the institution
Climbing up the wall of nation
Rebuild this generation

Track Name: Run Around the World
We run around the world
We dream around the world
We run around the world
We seek around the world

Round around around around the world
Track Name: Map Dealer
For a thousand years in your sight
are like a day

Before the shadow comes in,
we were dwelling in your place

In the morning it springs up new,
by evening it is dry

For our trouble and sorrow
they will quickly pass away

we fly away, fly away, far away.

Return to dust, o sons of men, o sons of men

He wept our tears in our eyes, in our eyes.

we fly away, fly away, far away.
Track Name: Charlie
Take a look Over there
Who is looking for you

Listen up Do you hear
Someone’s speaking to you

Ah oh~

All children of sorrow
Are waiting to be free
You, angels of freedom
For our mere mortal souls

Why’re they hunting you down
What’s that all about
Careful! They’re coming at you
Strive for all that you can

No one can stop us anymore
No one can stop us, heading on
and no one can deny us all
No, they can’t! They can’t kill us all
Track Name: Quiet Place
Turn turn turn turn the wipers off off off
watching all the clouds disperse,
it’s like the end of the last encore

Slowing down, the river caught my eyes
following the sun lit path
Passing through the modern town

Drive... Driving by the glistering side,
captured by its tarnished charm
i’ve gotten off the path, too far

I’m lost I’m lost

Bring me to a quiet place Longing for a respite
Take me to this quiet place Far away, this daily craze (Far away)
(Bring me to a quiet place Searching for a sign of grace
Take me to this quiet place Not far away, not far away,
a place to stay.)

Tell tell tell me honestly why I feel so empty, with all i have

Turn... I’ve turned the car around
I’ve seen it all and still alone
how could beauty embrace?

You’re here, You’re here
Track Name: Mr.Q
You have a wife and daughter, Mr Q
You have this cozy home
deep in your mind, it seems the right way

You have this well paid job, but fail to communicate.
You have this hatred soul deep in your mind,
Is this the right way?

Dare you to stand up now, It doesn’t matter how
We can change it now We can change it now

Our heads held up high Our heads held up high

You are puppeteered by the big party
Only lies are told But no one is sold
Is this the right way?

You can stand up now It doesn’t matter how
You can change it now You can change it now

Dare you to stand up now, It doesn’t matter how
You can change it now You can change it now

We can change it now...
Our heads held up high
Track Name: Glacier
These black ashes coverin’ the sky are falling
This old glacier could not outrun this black rain
What should we see? beyond this grey is sky blue

All that we could see in this darkest time
a fading star

All that we could do in this snowy blizzard
hold on to it all

When the dark is gone, there will be a way
Calm your weary soul

When the light shines through, You’ll find the way
When there’s nothing left at all

Dig deep you’ll see......

Light’s shining through…...

When the dark is gone; You’ll find the way……
When the light shines through; Hold on to it all……